Why Cheap Pastor?

Hello everybody and welcome to the Cheap Pastor.com this website is designed to give you free tools to make the most of your ministry whether you are a pastor, or you just run a ministry, or maybe you are trying to run a clothing shelter out of your basement or something, we are attempting to give you the tools and resources to get yourself online get yourself connected to the audience that you are looking for, and to help grow God’s ministry.
The cheappastor.com website is going to show you how to do everything from set up a google account, to make life a little easier, to how to set up a website for cheap, and how to set up and connect Facebook and Twitter, and how you can post quality audio or video to engage your audience. We will show you how to record your sermon, or make a podcast, how to record a video presentation, best services to host your podcasts, and the best practices to avoid YouTube account suspension.

I know at this point you’re wondering, “Well doesn’t a cheap pastor kind of sounds like a bad thing?” I personally do not believe that being called cheap should be a bad thing, I believe that it means that you are good with money, so being cheap is not a bad thing when being a pastor because a cheap pastor is a good steward of God’s money!

Also a cheap pastor is smart enough to know that all the resources you would ever need have been put forth
By God you just need a little bit of help in finding them! And yes, I know at this
Point you’re thinking “Is it really free?” Yes! I will show you all you need to know get online and start growing God’s ministry, and i will never ask you for a dim, you can call this my penance if you 😉
I will, however, let you know that because these videos are hosted on YouTube there may be occasional advertisements, if you choose to watch any of the advertisements and if you see
Something offensive do not hesitate to skip that advertisement, I do not have control over what YouTube shows, and I completely understand and I would never want anybody to watch something they would they deem offensive.

And so on this website you’ll notice there is a list of categories in the menu that you can click to get started watching the videos.

I do suggest that you watch all of them so that you can become well-rounded in all areas and share them with anyone you think may need help.

Thank you for watching
Charlie Pastor & J.Michael

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